Spring is Here! New Menu at UCO Restaurant Arrives

As Buenos Aires bursts into shades of purple and pink, we’re quickly reminded why Spring is by far our favourite season at Fierro Hotel. Sunny afternoons and balmy evenings mean it’s the perfect season to be outdoors in Buenos Aires enjoying yourself – preferably with a cocktail or wine glass in hand. 

At UCO, Fierro Hotel’s in-house restaurant, we’ve created a brand new Spring menu to get you in the mood for Buenos Aires’ most picturesque season.


To be enjoyed inside or in the green surroundings of our newly refurbished garden patio, if you arrive here between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM, you’ll have the bonus of being in time for our new happy hour. With a hugely extensive wine menu covering all regions of Argentina (not just your average Malbec) and a few of our latest cocktail concoctions, there’s likely a tipple for every taste.

We like to make sure our menus are always seasonal and incorporate locally produced food, with this in mind, our head chef, Francisco García, has been busy at work coming up with plenty of new culinary creations ready for you to sample. Highlights include our new spicy Peruvian style rice, made up of yellow hot pepper, coriander, lemon, white fish and prawns, it’ll certainly pack a punch for lovers of spice.


With a few new editions to our mains menu, perfect for sharing among friends is our T-Bone beef, served with potatoes, and roasted vegetables, weighing in at one kilo it’s an impressive dish to behold!

For self-confessed red meat lovers, there’s also our Patagonian lamb shoulder to try – cooked for 18 hours and served with baked humita, seasonal vegetables and a flavourful jus, the slow cooking time makes the meat irresistibly succulent.


If you’re looking for something a little more vegetarian-friendly why not try our latest pasta creation. Made up of burrata cheese, smoked aubergine, roasted tomato, pistachio, and a sprinkling of black olive dust, the filling comes wrapped in a tortellini pasta shell – believe us when we say you’ll be back for more!


Closing the three-course meal with a bang is our decadent dessert, the Alfa Centauri choco-galaxy. Consisting of hazelnut ice cream, pistachio fudge, and an eclair served with a berry and Cinzano granite, it’s truly out of this world.

For those who fancy something a little lighter, but nevertheless packed full of flavour, give our take on a Galub Jamun a try.  Made up of an Indian style sponge, homemade greek yoghurt, a confit of pear and spiced tea ice cream, the aromatic dessert is not to be missed.


Don’t forget to take a look inside our next door wineshop and tasting space Cava UCO. With plenty of different labels to choose from, feel free to pop in for a tasting or perhaps to purchase what you most enjoyed drinking with your dinner. All guests who stay with us in the adjacent Fierro Hotel will receive a complimentary tasting.


St. Patrick’s Day

4 leaf clover

PH: Bill Selak

At Fierro Hotel and UCO Restaurant we would like to wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day and invite you to stop by to try our special Irish breakfast which we serve piping hot every day!

UCO - Foto- Rodrigo Ruiz Ciancia-IMG_1897

Fierro Hotel y UCO Restaurant le desean un feliz día de San Patricio, no se pierda de probar nuestro especial desayuno irlandés. 

Soler 5862, Palermo

Tel: 011 3220-6820

The Origin of Empanadas


PH: Antonio García

In Argentina, we love to say that empanadas are one of our typical dishes. This is true, but to a point, it all depends on what you mean by “typical”. Of course, “typical” in South America is sometimes difficult to define because of the strong European influence. Migration patterns after colonization were particularly particular in Argentina, so it is even more notorious here and so we have “typical” pizza, pasta, and ice-cream too, when probably you would be thinking wait, aren’t all those foods typically Italian? Yes (relatively), in fact originally that’s where we got them from, however, then each place appropriates the influx and makes it into something of its own.

When trying to trace back the origins of the famous (and delicious) empanadas, first influx in Argentina of this juicy morsel would be Spanish.  Tracing back, the Spanish might have gotten it from Arab cultures which make similar mouth-watering fatays and sfijas and kibbes. Apparently the Greeks had already imported an empanada type phyllo-dough dish called bougatsa from Constantinople as well, and in Mesopotamia, meat pies were supposed to have already been popular several hundred of years BC. In terms of prehispanic South American cultures, humitas and tamales follow a similar logic to the empanada, if one thinks of them in terms of folding and stuffing. In fact, one of the typical empanada versions we have is called humita and stuffed with corn (a prehispanic staple) and bechamel sauce. There are many more cultures with their own version of the empanada. Regardless of their origin, if you are in Argentina, make sure to try the “typical” variants, oven-baked or fried, that are common here because they certainly are delicious.

Our top 5 spots for empanadas in Buenos Aires? Find our picks here.

And, if you happen to want an evening appetizer at UCO restaurant, make sure to try our own version of tapas sized empanadas filled with mozzarella, basil, oven dried tomatoes and served with Pesto.

New Year in Buenos Aires 2017-18


PH: Merritt Boyd

With Santa back in the North Pole it’s time now to bid the old farewell and welcome in the new. 2018 is just around the block and if you’re in Buenos Aires for the festivity best to start planning now.

At Fierro we offer a special UCO celebration with a unique tasting menu paired with some top of the line Argentine wines. All in all,  a great way to get to know our cuisine and to enjoy the holiday cheer! Additionally, when the weather is nice, the lovely garden is ideal to celebrate special occasions.Make sure to book your place in advance! Soler 5862, Palermo. Tel:  011 3220-6820

If you are not staying in the hotel for New Year, keep in mind that transport options are very limited on the 31st at night. We suggest that you plan something within walking distance to the hotel. Otherwise, make sure to make transport arrangements in advance and be ready to pay high rates. Also, make sure to make all reservations with time to ensure that you get a table!

On the 1st, we will be serving our special New Year breakfast. As it is a national holiday, most things will be closed, however if the sun is up and the temperature is nice, strolling some of the beautiful Palermo parks is a great option. If it’s hot, you can always cool off at the rooftop pool!

Most importantly, you probably want to know where the best New Year party will be. We suggest you take a look and pick from this list here. Otherwise, ask our friendly front desk staff and they will direct you to the perfect spot to greet 2018!

Buenos Aires Christmas 2017

christmas tree

Christmas is right around the corner and this year will fall on Sunday and Monday. In Argentina, we usually celebrate Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day. Families get together for a big spread or an asado, and then at midnight open the presents that Santa left under the tree, set off fireworks and toast with cider or champagne.

At Fierro we also offer our own UCO celebration with a special tasting menu and live music. When the weather is nice, the lovely garden is ideal to celebrate special occasions.  Our unique tasting menu, paired with some top of the line Argentine wines is a great way to get to know our cuisine and to enjoy the holiday cheer! Make sure to book your place in advance! Soler 5862, Palermo. Tel:  011 3220-6820

If you are not staying at the hotel for your Christmas celebration, keep in mind that transport options are very limited on the 24th at night. We suggest that you plan something within walking distance to the hotel. Otherwise, make sure to make transport arrangements in advance and be ready to pay high rates. Also, make sure to make all reservations in advance to ensure that you get a table!

On the 25th, we will be serving our special Christmas breakfast. As it is a national holiday, most things will be closed, however if the sun is up and the temperature is nice, strolling some of the beautiful Palermo parks are a great option. If it’s hot, you can always cool off at the rooftop pool!

For some party options and other Christmas recommendations check out Landing Pad’s suggestions here.

Buenos Aires Agenda: December/Diciembre 2017



PH: ricardo lago

06/12- Noche de los Jardines (garden night) is a special event with live music, art and food stands that will take place in the BA Rosedal park from 7-10pm.Rosedal de Palermo (Av. Pedro Montt y Av Iraola)

06/12- La Noche de los Jardines se lleva a cabo en el Rosedal con bandas en vivo, arte y opciones para comer. 19 a 22h. Rosedal de Palermo (Av. Pedro Montt y Av Iraola)

16/12- A Christmas parade will be taking place from 5.30-7 pm for those who want to stop by and hand Santa a Christmas letter.  Av. del Libertador and Sarmiento, Palermo

16/12- Quienes se hayan portado bien podrán pasar a hacer sus pedidos a Papá Noel en el desfile navideño que se lleva a cabo de 17.30-19hs. Av. del Libertador and Sarmiento, Palermo

Christmas- Speaking of Christmas, we will of course be hosting our special UCO dinner with a merry tasting menu and some live tunes as well. Make sure to book in advance and to keep posted for more Christmas tips and news!   3220-6820. ucorestaurant.com

Navidad- Y para festejar la navidad, vamos a ofrecer una opción especial de cena navideña en UCO con menú degustación y música en vivo. Recomendamos reservar con anticipación y estar atentos a las actualizaciones de recomendaciones y noticias en relación a esta fecha. 3220-6820. ucorestaurant.com

New Year- Come and bid 2017 farewell with us at UCO with a festive tasting menu or stay tuned for updates on New Year celebrations and parties in the city!  3220-6820.ucorestaurant.com

Año Nuevo- En UCO queremos invitarlos a despedir el 2017 junto a nosotros con un menú degustación especialmente preparado para recibir a su vez al nuevo año. Durante este mes también vamos a estar compartiendo información con respecto a las fiestas y celebraciones que se van a llevar a cabo en la ciudad para Año Nuevo. 3220-6820. ucorestaurant.com


figures in front of a metamorphosis


Joan Miró- Figures in front of a metamorphosis/ Figuras frente a una metamorphosis

MNBA– Check out the new Miró and Rodin exhibits at the Buenos Aires National Museum of Fine Arts. Av. del Libertador 1473, Recoleta

MNBA– No se pierdan las exhibiciones de Miró y Rodin en el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. Av. del Libertador 1473, Recoleta

MALBA: The MALBA is showcasing a new Mexican vanguard exhibit until February. Not to be missed. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

MALBA: El MALBA expone una muestra de vanguardia mexicana hasta febrero. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, Palermo.

MAMBA:  MAMBA continues to showcase the works of Elba Bairón, Sergio Avello and Tomás Saraceno, as well as the Pirovano Collection works.  Av. San Juan 350, San Telmo

MAMBA: El MAMBA sigue exhibiendo la obra de Elba Bairón, Sergio Avello y Tomás Saraceno conjuntamente con la Colección Pirovano. Av. San Juan 350, San Telmo

Usina del Arte: Until the 30th of December, stop by the Usina in La Boca to check out the showcase of Bjork’s digital works. Agustín R. Caffarena 1, La Boca

Usina del Arte: Hasta el 30 de diciembre, la Usina en La Boca exhibe las obras digitales de Bjork. Agustín R. Caffarena 1, La Boca

Argentina’s Top Ice Cream Flavors

chocolate vanilla

PH: matias jaramillo

One of the things Argentina is known for is its delicious ice-cream. Now that the Spring-Summer season is in full bloom, indulging in this sweet treat is a must! Below is our pick of top five local flavours. If you go out for a cone on the night of the 21-11 from 7pm onwards, ice-cream shops will be offering a 50% discount!

Dulce de leche: The most classic Argie ice-cream flavor is local trademark caramel. You can have it plain, or granizado which means it comes with chocolate chips, with almonds, brownie chunks, and whatever other combination the stop you go to may have thought up.

Menta Granizada: Perfect for hot summer days, this chocolate chip mint flavor is a local retro classic that many still choose, although never near as much as dulce de leche.

Sambayón: This rich and creamy eggnog flavor is perfect for those that like a little liquor in their ice-cream flavor. A classic favorite amongst older generations.

Maracuyá: Passion fruit ice-cream is relatively new to the Argie heladería scene but it is definitely a hit, specially for those that like creamy vibrant fruit flavors. Those that like lighter, fresher fruit flavors can choose from flavors “al agua” which are prepared with water instead of milk.

Specialty ice-creams: For those that are bold and like to experiment, most ice-cream stores have their own special and unique flavors which can range from malbec ice-cream to marroc (a typical Argentine candy).

If you are staying at Fierro, make sure to stop by UCO to try a delicious scoop of our special cinnamon ice cream!