Ciudanza 2012

(Photo by pollobarba)

Starting this Thursday, three city parks will be displaying unique contemporary dance performances for the Ciudanza festival, which seeks to fuse dance with urban landscapes.


On Thursday and Friday four performances will be held at the Barrancas de Belgrano parks, starting at 8pm.

Afecto, is a performance by Fabiana Capriotti and Gabriel Greca, which brings the theme of affection and being affected to the stage by exploring the limits of physical contact.

El suicidio de Madame B., inspired by Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, brings Emma’s character to life, to the sound of music by PJ Harvey and Schubert amongst others.

Invisible is a group choreography that weaves fleeting physical constructions and actions with the landscape.

Una Fauna occurs in the division of two territories; the Pampas and the Rio de la Plata. Between the two is a new animal life that comes to life with nocturnal sounds and music.


On Saturday and Sunday performances will be held in Parque Lezama in San Telmo, starting 3pm, and in Parque Chacabuco starting 5pm.


The program for Parque Lezama is as follows:

Jujuy, interpreted by Rosaura García and Emanuel Ludueña, deals with interdependence and a fragile balance where permanent conflict reigns.

Lazos is a group choreography that deals with the different types of bonds people make. Some come together, others, come apart.

Loop Imperfecto is a group choreography that brings to stage an abstract performance where a path is traced and movement is put into circulation.


In Parque Chacabuco:

Coctel. Con la mancha en la blusa explores the idea of living in the moment, being open to possibilities, and going with the flow.

Horario de descarga, explores different levels of rigidity between two dancers, and their relationship with a Cartwright.

Tiempos que corren is an acrobatics performance where a number of clothing items are interchanged causing different reactions in the performers.

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