Buenos Aires Street Art


(Photo by mckaysavage)

The Buenos Aires street art scene has become increasingly well known since its rapid boom that started with the 2001 economic crisis. The state of unrest led young artists to elaborate graffitis and murals to brighten the dampened spirit of the city which has since become a popular place for this kind of art , not only for local artists but also for internationally renowned names such as Blu (see Muto, Blu’s stunning wall painted animation here), and Vhils from Portugal, to name a few.

Some of our favorite local street artists include Jaz, Roma, Poeta, Cabaio, Malatesta, bs.as.stncl, Tester , and Triangulo Dorado, amongst many more.  In the later years these artists have become well known to the public and many have been commissioned to adorn the walls of businesses and homes. Additionally, there are now graffiti tours in the city (book yours with graffitimundo here) that have contributed to the expanded understanding and appreciation of this anarchic art form. It is also possible to purchase the artists’ work at the graffiti art gallery Hollywood in Cambodia which is located in Palermo.