This Week in Buenos Aires


Last chance to stop by the EGGO fair. The annual art fair showcases the collections of the city’s best art galleries. More information here.

One Table, the city’s top Monday event, is the best place to start the week with glorious foods, great wines and a chance to share with lovely people. Book your place at 3220-6820.


(Photo by roberta zouain)

Get ready for warm summer weather on both Tuesday and Wednesday and plan the day accordingly. Our suggestion- head out to Tigre and explore the mysterious Delta!

In the evening, you can catch the stunning Fuerza Bruta show being staged at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. Tickets here.


Freshen up at the hotel’s rooftop pool and then try out one of these extravagant tours by air or water!

Later on, stop by La Catedral in Almagro where you can take a tango lesson staring at 7.30 pm or 9pm. Sarmiento 4006, Almagro.



(Photo by Tim McFarlane)

One of the architectural landmarks of the city is the famous Palacio Barolo full of references to poet Dante Alighieri. Guided tours take place from 4pm to 7pm and evening guided tours at 8.30pm include tasting of an awarded wine and a national delicacy.

Check out the monthly Gallery Night event in which the city’s art galleries open to the public during the night and welcome an enthusiastic crowd of art lovers. More information here.

Living Colour will be staging a live show at the Gran Rex Theatre. Tickets here.

Maceo Parker will be staging a live show at the Coliseum Theatre. Tickets here.


(Photo by LuisRaa)

Drizzly grey means indoor sightseeing. Stopping by to see the stunning murals by Nazareno Orlandi at the Casa de la Cultura and the Ateneo Grand Splendid (also a great place for coffee and books) is an excellent rainy day plan.

Later on, stop for hotdogs and a drink at the posh Verne Cocktail Club owned by Fede Cuco, our celebrated happy hour bartender. Medrano 1475, Palermo.


Saturday and Sunday

Remember to make a reservation for Hernán Gipponi’s unique must-try brunch, served on Saturdays and Sundays! Soler 5862, Palermo Hollywood. 3220-6800.

Buenos Aires Market, the monthly organic food market, will be taking place throughout the weekend at Barrancas de Belgrano from 10am to 6pm. More information here.

On Saturday, Bruce Springsteen will be staging a live show at GEBA. Tickets here.

On Sunday, Bon Jovi will be playing at the Estadio Único de La Plata. Tickets here.


2012 International Book Fair

The 2012 Feria Internacional del Libro (international book fair) kicks of this Thursday topping off April’s full cultural agenda.  The annual fair is the world’s largest Spanish speaking book fair and displays over 1,500 exhibitors from around the globe.

Each year the event has a different theme, this year it is “A Future with Books”.  This idea will be explored through a digital space where visitors will be able to sample and purchase e-books, also through a series of conferences that will put into question some of the issues that arise with technology in relation to publishing and copyright, amongst others.  To support the theme there will also be a map of the most important literary events in the city, video-poetry and audio-books from Mexico, Spain and Belgium, artistic performances that will interpret short stories by Argentine authors, and an installation that will invite the public to participate in the creation of their own stories.

Internationally renown authors including Mu-San Baek (South Korea), Mateo Belli (Italy), Viola di Grado (Italy), Lita Donoso (Chile), Carlos Fuentes (México), Eduardo Galeano (Uruguay), Néstor García Canclini (Argentina/México), David Grossman (Israel), Stephen Holmes (U.S.A), Sandra Cisneros (U.S.A), and Norman Manea (Rumania/U.S.A) amongst others, will also be attending the fair to sign books and discuss different aspects of writing and publishing with the public. Debates and conferences will also be taking place throughout the duration of the fair. The full program is available here.

Feria Internacional del Libro de Buenos Aires

La Rural: Santa Fe 4201, Palermo

Opening hours:

April 16th– Inauguration- 6pm-10pm

Sun-Thus- 2pm-10pm- Tickets: 20 pesos

Fri-Sat and National holidays- 2pm-11pm- Tickets: 26 pesos.

Cortázar-Perec Biennial

(Staging for “La vie mode d’emploi”, written by Georges Perec. Photo by Raya y punto.)

Writing, photography and jazz come together today and tomorrow at the Cortázar-Perec Biennial, where the work of two renowned authors, the Argentine Julio Cortázar and the French Georges Perec, will be celebrated. The event will consist of academic talks on literary subjects at La Academia del Sur, and a series of film projections, a photography exhibit, and a jazz concert at the Centro Cultural San Martín.

For the biennial, three stories by Cortázar and three stories by Perec will be distributed for free on Av. Corrientes. Additionally, the city`s bares notables will be receiving copies of Rayuela and Cuentos Completos by Cortazar.

Find the full program here.

Tonight All Night-La Noche en Vela

Those of us lucky enough to be in Buenos Aires this weekend will be able to enjoy an atipical Saturday all nighter insipired by the french ¨Nuit Blanche.¨ Free activities ranging from 3D mapping proyections, to live music, outdoor theatre, contemporary dance, acrobats, angels, fireworks and book readings will be held in the landmarks of Buenos Aires throught the whole night from 7pm to 7am in the morning. Highlights to check out include a 3D mapping in the recoleta cementary, theatre in Palacio Barolo and the Botanical Gardens, the Moscu Symphonic Orchestra at the Obelisco, amongst many others that you can check out here. Aditionally, tour buses will be working all night and special promotions will be offered by restaurants, cafes and bars which will extend their opening hours!